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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


This is a load-time failure related to Exchange 2000 mail server permissions - specifically, the permissions set for the account configured to load the Net SatisFAXtion Exchange Gateway service. The error code flagging this failure is 3F27: "Error logging into the Exchange server".


Note that recent versions of Net SatisFAXtion (ver. 6.2.1378 and up), are designed to resolve these gateway permission issues, so the first step should be installing the current version of the Exchange gateway.

If installing the most recent version of the gateway does not resolve this issue, then you must confirm that you have the gateway service configured for an account that has full domain administrative rights on the Exchange mail server where it is installed. If the mail server is configured to use an Active Directory structure, then this account must have full domain administrative rights on the Active Directory.

Further note that even if an account with full domain administrative rights is configured for the gateway, this account may be a member of a group or groups that do not have the full permissions necessary to logon to the Exchange server. If that is the case, you must either remove this user from those groups or change the group permissions to allow the gateway to successfully logon to the Exchange server.

In addition, you may need to perform the following manual steps to enable the "Send-As" and "Receive-As" permissions for the mailbox store used by the gateway. Note that these permissions are necessary to access mail after the gateway has loaded, but lack of these permissions does not disable the ability of the gateway to logon to MAPI and Exchange 2000.

-Go to Exchange System Manager
- Click Servers
- Click First Storage Group
- Click Mailbox Store
- Right click, and go to Properties
- Click Security
- Look under the user 'Service Exchange'
- Uncheck "allow inheritable" box.
- Click Copy
- Select "receive as" and "send as"
- Check all other groups, and make sure that "deny" is not checked for these permissions. Don't check "allow", just un-check "deny"

Note: The permission mask in Exchange 2000 installations is complex, because the mask or "list" contains permissions that are related to Active Directory functionality, and those that are related to Exchange 2000 functionality. If manual configuration of the permission set for the Net SatisFAXtion Exchange gateway is necessary, then it is advisable to ensure that the "Full Control" option is enabled to allow all permissions

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