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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


You can setup the Fax Export feature of NET SatisFAXtion to export faxes to multiple directories based on either the DID digits (DNIS, DTMF or analog DID) or the port that the fax came in on.

The list of DID's or ports and directories is managed in the registery of the fax server system. Follow the steps outlined below to setup the multiple directory routing up.

1) You need to make sure that your fax server is running 6.2.1378 or higher. You can get this update from our support section of our web site.

2) Make sure that you have the Fax Export module activated for exporting "inbound" faxes. This is done in the "Change Server Settings".

3) Edit the attached, zipped registry files (DNIS Routing or Port Routing - THIS IS THE DID NUMBER) to create the list of the routing identifiers and corresponding paths. You can right-click on the registry file and select "Edit" to make changes to them. Be careful to not double-click on it as it will automatically merge the contents.

NOTE: You can only use either DNIS routing or Port routing on the system. You can not use both at the same time.

4) Once you have edited and saved your changes, double-click on the registry file to merge it into the registry.

5) Restart the fax server. It will automatically create the new directories as needed. Test your changes by sending in faxes and seeing if they get routed correctly.

DNIS Routing

"5366"="C:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion\Export\5366"

Port (Line) Routing (port names shown are examples. Use port names found under your IcanFax Key)
"BT_144"="C:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion\Export\BT_144"
"BT_148"="C:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion\\Export\BT_148"
"BT_14C"="C:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion\\Export\BT_14C"
"BT_150"="C:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion\\Export\BT_150"

CSID Routing

Other tags
Any arbitrary tag may be routed on. Simply name the Archive/Routing sub-key the name of the tag, and list values and their paths as string values. Here are some possibilities:
USER_NAME - user who the fax was routed to
SENDER_NAME - caller id / ani

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