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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


There is nothing that can be done to solve this problem from software or from the modem. This is explicitly a problem with excessive phone line noise. Your phone company, or internal PBX people are the resource you need to be talking to about this problem. There is simply too much noise on the phone lines to successfully send or receive a fax. We can reduce the number some to help out while you are looking into solving the phone line noise problem.

Un-sustainable Connection Errors Error 1109 or Hex value error 0455H on received faxes
The 3 second T4 timer or the 6 second T2 timer has expired while waiting for a command from the remote sender.

Modem Hardware Affected:
Operating Systems Affected:


This can occur do to line noise on either or both phone lines of the two fax devices. If the sender has line noise or the receiver (your server) this error can occur during high speed transmissions.
There is no data that confirms this is a hardware (modem) issue. Most phone companies will test a line for voice quality, however there can still be enough noise on the phone lines to inhibit fax devices from communicating well. Many other things can have an effect on phone line quality, such as satellites, environmental conditions, etc, and can occur anywhere between where the phone line plugs into the Fax Servers modem, all the way to where the phone line plugs into the sending fax device. If you are getting a high number of these errors, look at the phone lines on your side. If you only get them from a select set of remote fax devices, they should be looking at their end. Sometime having them send to a different fax device, may be more successful, however may also be missing a lot of scan-lines.


This is not a full solution as the only full solution is to have Data quality analog phone lines, in a perfect world on all fax devices. 1. From the Fax Servers Start Menu, click on Programs, (All Programs if Windows XP) NET SatisFAXtion, and then Change Server Settings. Note this will prompt you to unload the Fax Server, click yes) 2. From the Fax Ports Tab (default) Click on the fist fax port name once, to highlight it, then click the Advanced button. 3. Change the Receiving Speed Range Maximum to 9600 4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until all receiving fax ports have been changed. 5. Exit Change Server Settings and the fax server will reload.

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