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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Due to a patent dispute between Microsoft and Eolas, Microsoft has made recent updates to IE that affects embedded objects, and this causes FAXability to show a hovering message over most edit fields and the viewer (where said embedded objects are used). This message reads "Press the SPACEBAR or ENTER or click to activate this control", and after you press the key or click, the message goes away.


Microsoft imposed this change in a recent Update for Internet Explorer.
For some background (2003): See the following link


There is a work around for this and will be part of the next release. Version 8.0.3214.824 - Released on 04/18/2006

To upgrade, go to

Clients will not have to reinstall, as the changes are on the server, in the HTML files. If FAXability is used from the 7.5 and newer modes, (installed from the Launch Pad webiste) that's installed with the server, then the server installation or update will install/update the files. If not, then you must update your FAXability server installation using FAXabilityServerInstall.exe.

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