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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


After an upgrade to NET SatisFAXtion Version 8.1, the following error can occur during the document conversion proccess.
The following dialog will appear.



Some Xceed DLL's do not get deleted from the root of the NET SatisFAXtion folder, during an of the fax server.


Locate DLL files starting with XCEED in the root of the NET SatisFAXtion folder. (typically up to 3 will remain after an upgrade, when this problem occurs)

1. Delete these DLL files

2. Stop and restart the windows spooler service
Go to Start - Run and type CMD
Hit enter to bring up a command window.

3. Type (without the quotes) "net stop spooler" and hit enter
- then type (without the quotes) "net start spooler" and hit enter
- type exit and hit enter

4. Test sending a fax again

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