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Generic SMTP Routing

Users must be able to send email to the fax server using the format, where 5550123 is the fax number, and is the fax server’s unique domain. The following notes provide an outline of the required configuration, but the specific steps on how to implement this will depend on the DNS and email software being used.
It is strongly recommended that mail for the SMTP Gateway's E-mail domain be routed first through the mail server, rather than directly from the client to the SMTP Gateway. This funneling of mail takes advantage of any advanced mail processing features the mail server may have, as well as introducing the fault tolerance offered by the mail server's store-and-forward function. Many mail servers will need to be configured to allow relaying for the fax domain.
It is usually sufficient to configure DNS with the following records, assuming the fax server’s IP is, and the mail server is If fax senders will be out on the Internet, then the IP address must be a public IP. 3600 IN A 3600 IN MX 10

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