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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Collecting DTMF digits is usually very simple, however in some cases where noise or a hot line may be involved, or telephony equipment that does not have timing configurations to pause before sending the digits after the modem goes off hook can be difficult to trouble shoot. This utility allows you to record the actual sounds the modem is listening for when it goes off hook. It will not tell you if the timing is correct, but it can tell you if a digit is being missed. It can also tell you what the digits being sent are in real time, during the call.

This utility is not written by or supported by FaxBack and is a Shareware trial version written by SoftCab, Inc.


Causes are currently unknown


1. Download and install Modem Spy.

2. Run Change Server Settings (You will be prompted to unload the fax server)
3. Click on the modem you will be calling in the test (or alternately all of them, one at a time) and click the Advanced Button.
4. Check Use TAPI, Click Ok, Click Ok again. (The Server will load again)
5. Run Modem Spy and click File then Preferences


Setup to capture DTMF Tones and record them
6. Click on the Recording Tab - Check Notify remote party about recording and Answer call in... Set it to one ring and click okModemSpy02.gif

7. Click on File and Start Logging to see digits as the call comes in.
8. Call a DID number to test with and watch the wav file as it records.

Modem Spy in action, you will see the Logging window showing modem actions. DTMF tones will come in indicated as Key Pressed: [keynumber]


9. After the digits have been recorded, click on Action, then Save As to create the wav file
10. Click on the Edit menu option of the Modem Spy Log and Copy to Clipboard.
11. Paste the text into an email or text file and attach it and the wav file to an email and send it to

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