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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Some telephony providers require the use of an access code for long distance. While this can be passed through the fax server by default by dialing the fax number followed by a series of commas then the access code, some would rather not have to add this to every number.

EXAMPLE: Dialing 503-597-5399,,,,1234 would dial the access digits of 1234 after 4 seconds of pauses. The Validation Editor allows you to do this on every number, provided the access digits for dialing long distance from any fax sent through the fax server are always the same.


1. From the Start Menu or Administration open the Validation Editor. (from Administration go to Tools - Validation Editor) 2. Edit the Post Process Rule named "Access Digits for long distance numbers" 3. In the field named "to the end." type in the number of commas needed and the access digits, then click modify rule NOTE: If you need access digits for all calls, do the same with all other Access Digits for.... Post Process rules or any custom Post Process dialing rules that have been created


4. Test this change by clicking on the Validate Button on the right side of the Validation Editor and enter a long distance (or other) number


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