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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


There is not an obvious check box or configuration to autoprint by DID or DTMF routed digits


Use group auto printing and set the DID identifier digits for the group, rather than for a user. If you are currently also routing faxes for a given DID identifier, to a user, remove the identifier for that user, put those digits in the newly created group, then put that user in the new group.

1. Create a new group with a descriptive name you will understand later.
2. If you have a user already established for this DID number, remove the identifier digits for this user
3. Open the new group and place the DID identifier in the Routing tab, Identifier field for this group
4. Add the user to this new group. You must have a user in this group to trigger routing and autoprint.
IMPORTANT - Only put one user in this group, so only one copy will be printed. (3 users = 3 copies printed)
5. Make sure this user can route to a client, off the fax server. If you do not have such a user, use the system user "Export" as the only user for this group.

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