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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Numbers can be blocked at the fax server so that users sending faxes or broadcasts cannot send faxes to fax numbers specified. This goes above and beyond a Do Not Send list in the FAXability Broadcast module. If you enter a number in the "Never Dial These" dial rule in the Validation editor, the client sending a fax to that number will be notified that the number has been blocked.


Open the Validation Editor from the Start menu of any computer that the NET SatisFAXtion Administration program is installed on. Logon as Supervisor. Alternately it can be launched from the Administration program from the Tools menu.
  • Modify the dial rule "Never Dial These"
  • Enter the number you wish to block in the number field and click Add.
  • Click Modify Rule


To validate your change click on the Validate button on the right hand side of the Validation editor.
Enter the number(s) that you entered in the Never Dial These rule, then click Validate
The output on the right will show the number blocked.


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