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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


There have been some cases of abuse where documents have been ordered to be faxed out to toll numbers, with long documents at very slow speeds. In some cases, even the callerID has been spoofed to look like the originating call has come from someplace else.


Open the Validation Editor
Select and modify the rule named "Never Dial these!"
Using an example set of numbers to block, we will enter only part of this number so we can block any within this DID range.


Choose a common mask of numbers to start with. If you do not send any faxes to an entire country, or city, block the numbers at that level. If you do business in a city where an abused number is in use, you will have to be more specific about the numbers you block.. In this example we will block the following mask "0114382089". This will block all the numbers in our example set above.

Enter 0114382089 in the Number Field, and click the Add button.
Click the Modify Rule button.
The full set of numbers are now blocked.
To verify your changes, click on the Validate Button on the right side of the main Validation Editor tool.

Enter a number to test and click the validate button (note you do not need to use the number buttons, just type in the field)

The final output of this number is BLOCKED


You can enter as many numbers as you need to this block rule to keep NET SatisFAXtion from dialing number where abuse has occurred.

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