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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


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You can configure a ClarityNS system to support the NetSat dynamic cover sheets in two simple steps:

- Select the FaxBack icon for the "ClarityNS Call Path Editor". Choose the cover page tab. Turn off the LOGO, but leave the COVER.TXT portion of the cover sheet active. Here is the cover sheet file we ship with turnkey FaxBack systems:

- Select the Net SatisFaxtion icon for "Administration". Edit the user "ClarityNS". Add a cover page. This RTF format file can contain keyworks to be filled in when the fax is delivered, such as to, from and the contents of the ClarityNS "cover.txt" file. Here is a the RTF file we ship with turnkey systems:

These files are also found on the ClarityNS CD under ..\Custom Cover Page\

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