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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Cannot route faxes to an email address
User wants to route inbound faxes to a specific routing address. NOTE: This requires an Email Gateway to be installed with the Fax Server

SMTP Gateway
POP3/SMTP Gateway
Lotus Notes/Domino Gateway
Exchange Gateway


Depending on the E-Mail Gateway installed the routing address will need to be populated for a user, in order to deliver a fax to an email user.
If you are sending faxes from Email clients, the Fax Server will (by default) Automatically add users the first time they send a fax, and populate the Routing Address field. (all email gateway types) Other options are importing users from the email gateway (Exchange and Notes E-Mail Gateways only)

Routing Addresses by Email Gateway Type

Email Gateway Type
Routing Syntax
Routing Example
SMTP or POP3/SMTP Gateway
<Gateway Name>!<Email Domain>!<user>
Lotus Notes Gateway
<Gateway Name>!<notesdomain>!<user>
Exchange 2000 Gateway
<Gateway Name>!<>
Exchange 5.5 Gateway
<Gateway Name>!<Email Organization>!<Email Site>!<user>

Example Routing address (From the Administration programs User Administration view, modify a user and enter the routing address)

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