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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Fax Export does not write exported faxes to a network drive. When this occurs they will remain in the inbox (as seen from Administration) for the system user "Export"


Use of a mapped drive, or insufficient rights to the network share.


A mapped drive won’t work with a windows service (which is how the fax server runs).


A UNC Path must be used - For example the server you want to save exported faxes to is named Corp_FS_1, and you have a folder shared called Public. In the folder called Public, you created a folder to put faxes in, called Faxes. The UNC path to this location would be:


Find the user account used to load the NET SatisFAXtion service.
Go to My Computer, right click and select Manage
Expand Services and Applications
Select Services
Right click on the service named “NET SatisFAXtion” (not the other(s))
Click the Logon Tab. Note the user account used.

Setup the machine where the shared folder is
Make sure the user account the fax server is loading with (See above), also exists on the machine you are exporting to. If necessary, create the same user and password on this machine as the fax service is using.
Make sure this user has full rights to the folder you wish to export to.

Test the UNC path from the fax server.
Make sure you are logged into the fax server’s desktop as the same account (from above) the fax server service is using
Go to Start – Run and type the UNC path into the run dialog. Hit enter
Make sure you get to the exact folder on the other machine.
If you do not, correct this network issue before moving on.

Setup Export to write to this network share. Go to Start – Programs – NET SatisFAXtion – Change Server Settings
Unload the server if determined by your current version of the server
Click on the logging and fax export tab
Check Export inbound faxes
Enter the UNC path in the field labeled “Save exported faxes to this folder:”
Save your settings and allow Change Server Settings to stop and restart the fax server service, for this change to take effect.

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