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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Client Suite does not funtion after installing on a Terminal Server or Citrix Server.


The NET SatisFAXtion Client Suite was not originally designed to work on Terminal Servers or Citrix Servers, but will function after making some manual changes.


1. Download the NS-ClientSuite.msi from the fax servers LaunchPad website to a temporary directory on your Terminal or Citrix server.
2. Install the NS-ClientSuite.msi as you nomally would on your Terminal or Citrix server.
3. The following permissions must be changed so that your users can read and write to them.


copy the key

to the terminal or Citrix Servers...

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\Install\Software]

C:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion\Client Suite
C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\FaxBack\ClientSuite

Copy all XML files from the installers "C:\Documents and Settings\[UserThatInstalled]\FaxBack\ClientSuite" to each users "C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\FaxBack\ClientSuite" folder.

Open UserIdentification.xml in notepad (for each user) and modify the <UserName> section with the Display name used by outlook when they send email. (typically FirstName LastName)



<UserName>FirstName LastName</UserName>

Setting up Group Policy

Local User's need rights to create Global Ojbects

Go to Start -> Run -> type in gpedit.msc and click ok

Navigate to - Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment
Double click on "Create Global Objects"
Add users (or put them in a group and add that group)

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