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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Customers with higher port counts (24 - 96 ports per server) are likely to have fax traffic of way above 3000 faxes per day. If for instance, your traffic is 20,000 inbound faxes in a day, and the report client's default display is only 3000, you will not be able to view the entire days records.


The limit of 3000 records is set for loading speed as it will take longer to load more records
NOTE: Releases newer than 8.0.3214.824 will increase this limit to 10,000. While this will cause Report to take a bit longer loading, many will not notice the limit of 3000


The reports.xml file has the counts set in several places to 3000. Modify Reports.xml with Notepad, search and replace <Count>3000</Count> with the number you want to be able to view.

Reports.xml reside at (typically) C:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion. Make sure this change is done where the Administration program is running. (Server or on a workstation where the Administration program is running from) XML Files are used to configure the EXE program file of the same name. Example, Reports.exe uses Reports.xml to configure how it works.

Example from Notepad:
Replace All will replace all the counts of 3000 to 20000 in the example above.

<Select>(SUBMIT_TIME&gt;='{0}') AND (SUBMIT_TIME&lt;'{1}')</Select>
<Column Name="Event Id" Type="String">Event_Id</Column>
<Column Name="Message Type" Type="String">Message_Type</Column>
<Column Name="Submit Time" Type="String">Submit_Time</Column>
<Column Name="Receiver Address" Type="String">Receiver_Address</Column>
<Column Name="Receiver Name" Type="String">Receiver_Name</Column>
<Column Name="Sender Name" Type="String">Sender_Name</Column>
<Column Name="Message Completion Code" Type="String">Message_Completion_Code</Column>
<Column Name="Total Fax Pages" Type="Number">Total_Fax_Pages</Column>
<Column Name="Pages Transferred" Type="Number">Pages_Transferred</Column>
<Column Name="Receiver CSID" Type="String">Receiver_CSID</Column>
<Column Name="Receiver Info" Type="String">Receiver_Info</Column>

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