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This article applies to NET SatisFAXtion 8.5.


Changing Email Gateways on NET SatisFAXtion requires changing the Address scheme for each user. This can appear to be daunting, especially in large lists. Use the Userlist Import & Export Tool (NET SatisFAXtion Servers Start Menu) and export the file into an XLS file. Execute a simple 'find/replace' on the USER_EMAIL_ADDRESS Then import the User list back in


Unload the NET SatisFAXtion and Back up the User files
Location on a default installation C:\Program Files\NET SatisFAXtion\*.fbf
Reload the NET SatisFAXtion Server(and Gatewys if running one) and
Go to the UserList ImportExport Tool (Accessable from either the program column for NET SatisFAXtion or from the NET SatisFAXtion directory)
Logon and Download the user list onto the Grid.
SaveAll Files Excel
Then open up the Excel file. and look for the Columns

Highlight the Column UG_AUTOFORWARD
Do a find and replace on the UG_AUTOFORWARD changing it from EXCHANGE to SMTPPost

Now look for the Column USER_EMAIL_ADDRESS
Make a note of one of the Users
Example EXCHANGE! copy it to notepad or a text editor of your choice.
Highlight the USER_EMAIL_ADDRESS and execute a Find replace for and replace it with nothing.
On the next Find and replace Find the String EXCHANGE! and replace it with the SMTPPost replacement domain.
if your mail domain is, you would replace EXCHANGE! with SMTPPost!!

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