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This article applies to:
NET SatisFAXtion 8.5 through 8.7 Server or server components
Client installation - Affects clients installed from specific versions of NET SatisFAXtion
OS: All


Get the full version number of NET SatisFAXtion.
For instance, 8.7 is the major version. The minor Version of 8.7 can vary from 8.7.6001.571 to 8.7.6001.573


Minor release changes increase the minor version number. This aids in bug fixes and release changes in NET SatisFAXtion


Right Click the "NS" icon found in the system tray of your NET SatisFAXtion server and select "about"

The full version is displayed at the bottom right corner of the splash screen. Click Close when done.
When asked for the full version, please include the full version shown on this screen. From this version we can quickly tell if there are bug fixed you may need and exactly what client options there are when clients are installed from this version server.


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