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NET SatisFAXtion 8.7 - 9.x Server, Connection Server and Fax Connector

Updating your Product Keys can be confusing, especially when you have multiple servers and components spread across multiple servers, stationed in geo-redundant sites. This article will break down the different components key types and link to articles detailing how to update each component key. First, lets identify each component where Product Keys are used. These are:

1. NET SatisFAXtion Fax Server
2. Fax ATA Connector
3. Connection Server / Fax Engine (Port) Server

Each component can be installed on a single server or across multiple servers. Using a single server per site scenario, with 2 sites,

You will be issued Product Keys with unique Server ID's. The Server ID is the last 6 digits of each product key and are unique per server / site. In the examples below, the server ID's for Fax Server 1 and Fax Server 2, are 099101 and 099102.

Server 1: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-Z000-099101Server 2: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-Z000-099102
Crossing Server ID's is not allowed and will result in an "Unsupported Upgrade" error. Be sure to use the proper key when updating.

Links to upgrading Product Keys per component.

NET SatisFAXtion Fax Server
Fax ATA Connector
Connection Server
Locate Current Server ID (NET SatisFAXtion)


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